Monday, April 16, 2012

Food Facts: Are you still drinking SODA?

I know Americans love our soda, but it's really not good for us.
 I limit my intake to ginger ale when my stomach is a little upset. 
My girls have tried soda but it's rare they have any soda. 
I came across this info graph on Pinterest. 
It's not new info I've been ranting about soda forever. 
I LOVE info graphs so I thought sharing this would be informative.
Maybe even fun. 
I'm weird like that. 
When food facts make me uncomfortable I use that unpleasant feeling to avoid those foods.
So if your like me maybe this will help you kick your soda kick.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Saul Williams

I love new music!
If you know nothing about spoken word, welcome to the world.
Saul Williams is by far perfection in the spoken word world.
He was certainly one of the first and really the most talented.
He has experimented and mastered spoken word put to music.
 I'd call him a rapper but that would confuse you. He's way more then that.
He just a beautiful artist.
Personally I'm a huge fan, genetically I'm a first cousin.
Here is a new video from Saul Williams.
The song is called "DNA/CODED."

Saul Williams - DNA / Coded Language from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Living In The Moment

 Love the moment 
and the energy of that moment 
will spread beyond all boundaries.
--Corita Kent

"We women who do too much have a terrible time loving the moment. We are always making lists and eyeing the tasks that are just around the corner when we need to be busy working on the task at hand. 
Hence, rarely does anything get our full, undivided attention." 
Because of this subtle distractibility and lack of presence, we miss a lot."
"When we really can be in the moment, the very process of being in the moment radiates into the crevices of our life and begins to dust out the cobwebby corners."
PRESENCE is such a myself and others.

by Anne Wilson Schaef

Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Art.

Last Summer I was asked to model by my neighbor, Julie. 
Just a few photos that she would use to add my likeness to a character she was painting. 
The kids got a kick out of coming to the photo shoot. 
After a few months of painting, here is the final product.
I'm ART! 
My face looks a little fat and I'm making a weird expression but I think the painting is really cool.
I'm flattered to have been asked. 
The painting is one of several Julie is doing for an author who wants illustrations for the book he is writing.
 In this painting I'm one of the three winds meeting to decide which way the Dragon should go. 
The Dragon is taking that wolf somewhere.
I'm not intentionally being vague, that was all the detail I could remember.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Change is Good!

Good Morning!

Its just a few days before Easter and I wanted to say a quick hello and share a bit.
I have been very busy lately. 
Most of my daily routine has been focused on the Fam and very little on me.
So naturally the blog has suffered a bit.
This blog is a place where I dump all the things in my head and try and make sense of it all. 
It doesn't always make sense, but hey, I'm not perfect. 

And then there is the actual work of maintaining a blog.
There's a lot of fancy foot work going on behind the curtains over here!
Honestly,  I can't say I have this whole blogging thing figured out.
Hey, you learn as you go.

What I know for sure is that I LOVE to share.
As I have learned recently, I LOVE to share more than most people.
I just think of sharing as a way of getting to know someone.
I share, YOU share kind of thing.
I now realize everyone isn't like that, and that's just fine.
 I have a great number of daily visitors according to Google,
that read my blog but don't comment, or say Hi.
They're all welcome!
I just wanted to give you all a heads up that my format is changing.
No worries, I'm simply changing the way I share, and a few cosmetic details.
I want the blog to be a better reflection of me.
Basically, I'm just going to get out of my own way.
And just let it flow.
I will bring you all the things that spark my interest, or makes me curious.
YOU come on by whenever and check it all out.
I hope you enjoy and get something from all this.
As always I hope you....

Wish to be MORE.

Remember, Life is what you make it.

Get your Vision out of your head. Manifest.

Share your IDEAS.

Ask and you shall receive.

Be clear of your Intentions.
Be neutral.



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